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    Eren Jaegerbomb (Attack on Titan cocktail)

    .75 oz Grenadine
    .75 oz Jagermeister
    8 oz (or to taste) Red Bull

    Pour the grenadine into a shot glass, and layer the Jagermeister on top. Drop into a cup of Red Bull. Chug. Kill titans.

    Drink created and photographed by rampaging-mongler.



    Happy 17th Birthday Toonami!

    Special Birthday shout-out to all of the amazing Toonami FANS and fan sites over the years who have supported us and spread the word! Truly, Toonami wouldn’t have been anything without you. Let’s see if we can go another 17, huh? Who’s with us??

    Love, The Toonami Crew.

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    Happy 17th birthday Toonami.

    Over 100 series strong, and still the greatest home for action-animation in the United States. Died a horrible death and came back smelling like a rose and in a better state than its been in years.

    Not many blocks have the longevity of Toonami (including inspiring a pair of global networks, including Toonami Asia Pacific), and I doubt there would be an environment like it on American television again.

    Often imitated, never duplicated. All powerful, all strong, all heroes.

    And the Revolution continues to be televised.

    Light the birthday cannon, it’s party time!

    Happy Birthday to us! Thanks Thoughtnami!

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    ↳ Shingeki no Kyojin, not your average shounen animanga.

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  2. toonami:

    Get excited! Black Lagoon is coming to Toonami on March 22nd.

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    Shingeki no Kyojin: A Broken World

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